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Andover Sign and Design blog : Proofs

Here at Andover Sign & Design, one of the many services that we provide includes sending customers ‘proofs’ / ‘mock-ups’ of their products before it is moved into the production stage.
What this essentially means, is that we will send our customers an image of what their product looks like to ensure that they are happy with all aspects of the product. This includes the design, the layout and even the spelling and sizing of the text.
All of the proofs that are usually sent to our customers are made in adobe illustrator as it's a great way to create a visual representation of what the customers product will look like. 
Once we have made up the proof and we are happy with it, we will then take a screenshot of the design and save the image to a suitable location on the pc. From there it is then attached to an email and sent our to our customers.

Adobe illustrator logo
Combat fuel t-shirt designs, front and back

Performing this service ensures that we can meet the customers standards and it gives them a direct look at what their product is going to look like before it’s made. Meaning that if they were to be unhappy with any aspect of it, they can easily reply to us and ask to change whatever it is that they’re not happy with. 


This whole process has a very positive affect on the direct relationship between the business and the customers as it shows that we care about their opinions and their own demands, which builds up trust and friendship.

Tree Surgery text with a tree in the middle

This particular proof was for some vehicle graphics that a customer wanted on their car.

Kimpton primary leavers hoodie, big number 23 on back with names in
email example.png

Here is an example of the email that will be sent out with  aproof’ to see if the customer is happy with it. 

In order to ensure that all of the proofs that we make are secure we have a specific folder where they are all stored so that they are easily accessible for whenever we need to send one out to a customer.

Coincidentally this folder is called proofs, so that we know that this is where they will be at all times.

A computer folder named 'proofs'

Vehicle Graphics 

Here at Andover Sign and Design, vehicle graphics is a big part of what we do. A lot of the customers that want van graphics are that which have their own independent businesses. However anyone can have graphics on their vehicle.

Van Side and email 2.PNG

Here are some examples of the vehicle graphics that we produce for our customers.

Wilkins Van Back.PNG

Vehicle graphics are a great way to show off your business for free and here at Andover sign and design we take the time to ensure that the quality is as best as it can be, so that you can promote your business with no worries

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